Aberdeen chaplain supports hospitalised fisherman

A Filipino fisherman hospitalised in Aberdeen since the start of lockdown after a suspected stroke has thanked Stella Maris for providing virtual support while in hospital.

Twenty-three-year-old Jericho who was working on a vessel in the North of Scotland had to be airlifted to the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary for emergency treatment after taking ill suddenly.

Stella Maris port chaplain Reverend Doug Duncan was informed about the incident. Over the weeks Doug picked up, washed and delivered Jericho’s clothes and supplied fruit, chocolates and magazines to the hospital.

Doug also communicated regularly with Jericho via social media, helping keep his spirits up and reassuring him.

On 13 July two days before he was due to fly home to the Philippines, Covid-19 restrictions were lifted at the Infirmary. Doug was named as the allotted person who could visit Jericho.

Following all safety precautions Doug visited Jericho who was delighted to see a friendly and welcoming face. They chatted and prayed, and Doug gave Jericho a blessing.

Doug said, “Having gone through so much and still extremely weak down his left side Jericho’s only complaint was the hospital didn’t serve rice at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“Thankfully, a local Filipino lady helped out with some local dishes and assisted him with his local dialect.”

On 15 July, Doug waved off Jericho at the hospital and the fisherman finally flew home to the Philippines where he is now receiving further treatment in hospital.