We’re really proud of our corporate supporters. Whatever their business, they’ve one thing in common: they all recognise the unique work of Stella Maris supporting seafarers and they all want to do their bit to makes sure it continues.

Last year Stella Maris made 70,000 ship visits globally and  helped over 1.5 million seafarers through our face-to-face support. Our support in crisis intervention increased by nearly 75%, but this is just the tip of the iceberg, for every ship’s crew in crisis supported by Stella Maris last year, we believe there were up to 20 crews who needed our help.

With your support, Stella Maris can be there for everyone who needs our help.

How our supporters have helped

Because of supporters like you our Teesport team were able to reach out to a seafarer and his family when they needed it the most. You can watch their story below.

Your support can help us provide the best support for seafarers in need. In return we offer:

  • Tailored reports so that you can see how your support is making a difference
  • Invitations to events where you can meet our staff, like-minded supporters and get a chance to find out more about our work.
  • An opportunity to visit projects that you have supported.
  • Access to members of staff to speak at your event.

Want to know more?

If you are interested in partnering with Stella Maris, please get in touch.

Contact Ian Stokes on 07732 682090 or [email protected]

Ways to partner with us

Make us your Charity of the year

Make a corporate donation

Set up payroll giving and staff fundraising

Fund a project or piece of equipment

Speak up for seafarers

Provide your expertise for a bespoke project

Download our Life at Sea report to see how we helped crews in crisis in 2018/19

Why work with us?

Global and local reach

Our network gives us access to expertise and alliances at local, national, and global level in over 54 countries. Working with us connects you to over 1,000 committed staff members and volunteers across the world.


We have been committed to improving the lives of seafarers and fishers for 100 years. Because of our experience we are internationally respected and trusted.


Our combination of local and national staff gives us an in-depth knowledge of the complex issues faced by seafarers, and the skills to tackle them

I have been involved with Stella Maris team for a number of years. Over that time I have seen first hand how everyone works vigorously to ensure seafarers’ welfare is protected. In the past they have arranged for chaplains visits to our members’ crew in times of need. Acting as a caring support, the chaplains have assisted seafarers regardless of faith, nationality or location. Stella Maris have a great co-ordinated approach, involving multiple partners across the industry, to work together for the benefit of crew.

It’s reassuring to know with Stella Maris seafarers are in safe hands.

– Sophia Bullard, Director Crew Health Programme, Thomas Miller (Management Services) Ltd

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