When you knit a woolly hat or mittens for a seafarer or fisher, you do more than just keep them warm. You remind them of your love and care.

Can you spare a little time to make a hat for a seafarer or fisher?

For people working at sea, icy conditions and harsh storms are a regular occurrence. Days can feel long and cold. A knitted hat or mittens can not only help to protect them from the cold, but for the 1.5 million people who work at sea, transporting 90% of our goods, it can also remind them that someone cares about them. For someone who has been away from home for many months, facing difficult and often dangerous conditions this can mean a great deal.

Seafarers often tell us how much they appreciate the knitted items that they receive. So whether it’s a hat, some mittens, or a balaclava, we will make sure they find a welcome home!

You can find some patterns for our knitted items below

Download our knitting patterns

Many thanks for your support! Seafarers really appreciated these knitted items.

Where to send your knitting

Stella Maris chaplains and ship visitors serve over 80 ports in the UK.

To send knitted items for seafarers, please  contact one of our Senior Area Port Chaplains:

North of England – Anne McLaren
[email protected]


South of England & Wales – Deacon Nick O’Neill
[email protected]


Scotland – Deacon Joe O’Donnell
[email protected]