Roughly 50% of seafarers are Catholic and long months at sea mean seafarers and fishermen rarely get to Mass.

Our chaplains and ship visitors make arrangements for this to happen on board whenever possible, or they can arrange to take seafarers to the local parish church. We also provide faith resources, such as our Stella Maris magazine, prayer books and rosaries, to help seafarers maintain their faith at sea.

In times of crisis, such as a death at sea, Stella Maris chaplains are there to pray with the crew, bless the ship and offer comfort and support.

Following the death of a colleague at sea, 19 crew members asked for a blessing on their ship. The men were distraught, grieving and seeking reassurance. Our chaplain arranged for a local priest to celebrate Mass on board and provide pastoral support.

“The mood on board was quite low and the tragic incident was still very fresh in their minds. Mass was celebrated in memory of the deceased crew member and after this, the atmosphere was more positive.

– Peter Morgan, Stella Maris Chaplain

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