Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea

Volunteering walking towards a ship

Following a pirate attack on a cargo ship in the Gulf of Guinea, the P&I club contacted our London office to request help for the crew

Our chaplain went to meet the ship as it took refuge in Ghana. He brought two volunteers, both nurses specialising in mental health trauma, with him. They made sure the crew were well looked after before being flown home to the Philippines.

Stella Maris in London organised for the representatives of the ship management company and a member of our team to meet the crew in Manila. The seafarers had a two-day de-brief in a local hotel before going home to spend time with their families. Once they were home they were able to speak to our local chaplains in the Philippines for additional support.

The seafarers told our chaplain they felt valued and cared for by their shipping company. All of them were back at sea with the same company within three months

The seafarers appreciated the way the company treated them from beginning to end, and they were pleased to have Stella Maris to support them throughout. This is the real meaning of cooperation and coordination.

– Fr Paulo, Manila port chaplain

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